What happens at a typical Eclectric Music wedding?

 - During the months leading up to your event we will have as many phone or email consultations as you need to make sure that your day goes exactly as you want it, and if plans change (as they often do) whether that be a month before the day, or on the day itself, we are adaptable and ready and willing to meet the challenge. 


 - At the majority of weddings we will arrive around two hours before our first set is scheduled to start (unless you require we arrive early) to set up. We can do this quietly in background if necessary, but we will need to do a soundcheck so that the sound is perfect.


 - As standard, for your first dance we will play the original recording of your song, unless you would prefer the band to do it's own rendition of it.

 - Dancing, singing... basically a lot of partying.


 - For our one act package (Option 1), or our two act package (Option 2) we will play two one hours sets with a half an hour break during which we'll play background music through our system. If you book one of our multi-act three set packages (options 3 & 4), again, we will arrive between one to two hours before our first set, and take a break between each set during which we'll play background music. You can always add a DJ set to keep the party going. Our MicroFestivals each have a different timed programme of different acts, just let us know when you'd like us to start, and when you would like to do your first dance.


 - After our final set we will begin to pack up our equipment, leaving background music playing for short while until it's time to pack up the PA system.

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