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So you’ve got space for a full band and you know what you want – a slick, experienced and reliable function band. Well, look no further than Jolly Polly and the Pirates! All the hits, face melting guitar solos, a full, rich sound with effects to get absolutely the right quality, plenty of lights for the dance floor and a highly professional, polished and honed operation. With over 20 years of function band experience between us, this is what we specialise in, so you cannot go wrong here...Let’s get this show on the road!


Eclectric Acoustic Duo

An acoustic party duo with a difference! Versatile and a little bit more than your standard “person with a guitar” covers, for this we bring you an acoustic guitar with effects pedals, 2 vocals, vocal effects, lights and more drums and percussion than you could shake a stick at (though David still does) all tailored to your needs and amplified to the appropriate volume to make your party pop!  We play a mix of well known, tried and tested popular songs for singing, toe tapping and full on dancing along to AND we've got the set-up for your venue- big space or little, at a volume to suit your requirements! 


Jolly Polly and the Pirates Bandeoke

Fancy yourself a lead singer? Do you want to show off your vocal talents? Well why not get up on the stage and join us! We've got a big list of songs for you to choose from and a microphone waiting for you! 

And hey- you might be nervous at first... well, that's only natural! Why not come up with a friend and do a duet. Or bring a few friends and make yourself a choir! You will be hooked!

One thing is for certain, there's always a big crowd for Bandeoke. There's always a lot of laughs, camaraderie and singing!


Eclectric Off Grid Duo

The perfect solution for off-grid gatherings with no access to power. From a winsome wedding in the woods to a birthday bash on the beach, we can use our battery operated PA system to provide a basic but fully portable “pop-up” act to entertain your guests wherever you are! Also ideal for if you have gaps during your event day where you don’t quite know where people will congregate. We can be discreet or crank it up to eleven for an acoustic party anywhere! While batteries last?...No worries- this thing will run for days!


Eclectric "DJ" Band Duo

What else would we call this? It’s vocals sung live to backing tracks but with a live drummer too for a punchier and more vibrant feel that’s so important for getting your guests on the dance floor! OR if you’re looking for something calmer, drums can be swapped for smaller percussion and we can sing “acoustic” style tracks to provide background entertainment. Have you ever seen this live before?


Eclectric DJ

We're musicians first and foremost, but that doesn't mean we aren't capable of rounding the night off with a cheeky little DJ set...

You know it works- great songs, lights, lasers and dancing, all blended together and, grab your dancing shoes, because the beat doesn't stop! We combine the classic DJ disco with the creativity that Eclectric is known for to make one hell of a party.

Requests where possible (can be dependent on wifi).