1. How much do you charge?

This would depend on your event as there are always lots of variables such as location, length of event, distance we would need to travel (and any accommodation requirements, if applicable) and special requirements. The best way for us to answer this would be to contact us for a quote, but in the meantime, you can find some example prices on the relevant pages (Click on Party/Wedding page, whichever is most similar to your event).

2. Do we need to supply anything?

We will bring everything we need to put on our show, however we will require a minimum of two three-pin 13 amp sockets, a reasonable space to set up in and somewhere close to the venue to park for unloading and loading our heavy equipment (in most instances will be travelling in a medium sized van, but for some further away events we may bring an additional car) Please contact us if you need to discuss any issues or queries with regards to performance space.

3. How long do you need to set up and pack down?

With good access to the performance space, set up typically takes approximately 1 hour. This set-up time is usually scheduled for immediately before we are due to perform but we can sometimes arrive and set-up earlier on in the day if you prefer (bear in mind that earlier set ups will cost more, for obvious reasons). A short sound-check will be incorporated into our set-up schedule. Packing down at the end of the gig usually takes approximately half an hour and we will do what we can do be as discreet as it's possible to be!

4. Can we have you set up earlier in the day?

We can often make arrangements to arrive, set-up, and even do the main sound-check earlier on in the day if you prefer, but you should bear in mind that earlier set ups will cost more, for obvious reasons!  We are as discreet as we possibly can be when setting up and packing down, and we keep our sound checks as short as possible, but naturally we do have to carry and roll heavy equipment in and out, so you should consider the layout of your venue and your preferences for this.  We will be happy to give you a quote on whatever it is you would like for your event, all you need do is ask.

5. How long will you perform for?

Typically we will play 2 x 1 hour sets of live party music with a short break in the middle of 15-30 minutes. During this break we can provide recorded background music if you wish, and we can leave this music playing at the end whilst we pack up the majority of the equipment too!

6. Are you able to provide live acoustic music?

Yes, we are able to provide acoustic music as an additional

upgrade to your event! Perhaps you'd like an extra hour of

quieter music earlier on in the day? Just let us know!

7. Will you provide PA and lighting equipment?

Yes, the provision of high quality and professional sound and

lighting equipment is always included -as relevant to your quote.

8. Will you play our special song?

We will always endeavor to make your event as special as possible and learn first dance or special song requests, or we can play your special song (recorded music) and even make announcements if needed. If we are to learn to play a specific song live for you, then we ask you to enter the song into the relevant box on the booking form.  We require a minimum of 1 month's notice of the chosen song(s) to allow us a fair opportunity to learn it and schedule in a few practices to ensure a smooth performance. Please do bear in mind that, due to the combination of instruments and vocals, some song choices may not be possible.

9. I want to book you, when are you free?

Our diary is constantly changing so you will need to contact us with your date so we can check the current availablility for you! If you supply us with as much information about your event as possible, then your quote will be more accurate too- Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

10. I have booked you, what can I expect at my event?

We like to be prepared to avoid any problems or confusion on the day of your event, therefore all of the important points should have been covered on your booking form. (Don't be afraid to make fine-tuning details/requests on your booking form so we can be prepared!) We will arrive (with smiles!) at your venue at the pre-negotiated time in order to set up and sound-check for our performance. We always bring our own equipment as it is all PAT tested and we are familiar with how it functions! We would usually provide you with 2 x 1 hour sets with a short break in the middle. When we’re finished we usually pack up straight away and come to say goodbye!


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