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Micro Festivals

Please make sure you answer all the questions as this will help us quote you the right price.

Which festival would you like? If you would prefer to programme your own festival please email us.

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Live Music Schedule 


Each festival runs to a schedule with a short changeover between each act (background music is provided during changeovers). What time would you like the festival to start?

We will arrive at the venue up to two hours before this time to get set up.

Duofields runs for approximately three hours. Acoustock and Eclectritude can run for up to four hours. (Not including optional one hour DJ set).


Our standard arrival and setup time is up to two hours before the start of our performance. If you're happy with the standard arrival time then please leave this field blank. If you require that we arrive at the venue earlier then please indicate the time here. An earlier arrival time will incur extra charges. 

Early Arrival Time

Is anything else we should know? Please confirm that we have a covered area to perform if outdoors? 

If you're having a micro festival at your wedding, please tell us your first dance here.

If you had any live band song requests, please list them here (£90 per song, see above).

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