If you're interested in drum lessons, or would like a professional, or low volume set up for your kit then get in touch with David Owen, our drummer!

David has been teaching drums since 2014 to drummers of all ages- from five to... well... a lot older than five!


As a First Class graduate from The Academy of Contemporary Music (2012), David has been honing their trade as a professional musician for ten years performing at weddings, festivals and parties and radio, basically all over the place.


If you're interested in learning this instrument in a relaxed way for your own enjoyment, or to do your grades, or to improve your live and band performance skills, or maybe to learn how to become a professional yourself, then send over an email to davidowendrums@live.com 

Lessons can be taught in person if you're based in the Sudbury, Suffolk area, or online from wherever you are in the world.

2021 fees: 

Half an hour lesson: £17.50

Full hour lesson: £35

Tuning drums and setting them up in an ergonomically correct manner can be very difficult, but don't despair, David can also set up your drums, and really make them sing and give you crucial guidance on your kit that will help you get the most out of them. Or, if you need to keep the neighbours happy- send over an email and get your drums converted to a low volume set up! 


The average set up takes two hours, but this is dependent on the condition of your kit.

Two hour set up: £70 plus materials and transport if necessary.